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[6] Potential fan fiction idea, submitted by anonymous

(As always, if you’d like your Tumblr name attached to these ideas, let me know!)

"I think you should write a fan fic with Tess going to the hospital for some reason and bumping into Lexy. It can be a cute fluffy fic with a minor illness or a serious darker fic with something major."

I love this idea! I’ve actually been itching to write something really dark/tragic… I love Lexy in her protective mode, and it’d be interesting to explore a darker Tess.

What do you guys think? Would you all be interested in reading a dark Tess/Lexy story, and if so, any specific ideas on what should happen?

All of the Tess/Lexy scenes on YouTube

Hey everyone! So I just spent the better part of the evening editing together all of the Tess/Lexy scenes and putting them up on YouTube. It’s roughly 40 minutes total. I don’t think I missed anything, but let me know if I did.

If any of you video makers want me to put things up as available for download, let me know and I’ll figure out how to do that. I think when I get a chance, I might try my hand at video making…

Anyway, here they are:

2x01, 2x02, and 2x03: http://youtu.be/nM-wN8H0BJc

2x04: http://youtu.be/MSun6_Mwteo

2x05: http://youtu.be/UcIhVNWnLU0

2x06: http://youtu.be/0Qmb53FCkYo

On a different note, are any of you Tess/Lexy fans going to the Lip Service event on July 15th? I wish I could go, but alas, I live in the US. Just curious because I’d love for there to be some Tess/Lexy representation, or some new Fiona Button and Anna Skellern photos to reblog :) So — anyone going?

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I just can’t get over how ridiculously beautiful Fiona Button and Anna Skellern are.

I just can’t get over how ridiculously beautiful Fiona Button and Anna Skellern are.

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Undisclosed Desires, Chapter 1

Started a Tess/Lexy fan fiction that’ll incorporate several of the ideas on here. I’m not much a writer, but I’m bothered by the lack of Texy fan fiction, haha.

It’s up on fanfiction.net:



Anna Skellern’s smaller roles

I went through and uploaded Anna Skellern’s scenes as Kelly in Outnumbered, Lynn in Asylum Blackout, and Arwen in Camelot.

Outnumbered: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-sdeBwxvTo&feature=plcp

Asylum Blackout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ygfgTMmSE4&feature=plcp

Camelot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsGxrstt0bY&feature=plcp

I didn’t upload this one, but if anyone is interested in seeing Anna Skellern in the short film “Fingers”, here is the link: http://vimeo.com/23281574

I’ll try to locate and upload some other Anna Skellern things when I get the chance. I don’t know how much Fiona Button has done off-stage, but I’ll look around.

Would any of you like me to work on compiling all of the Lexy/Tess interactions, or no?

[5] Potential plotline, submitted by anonymous

"Some random ideas… I really like the idea of Tess coming into her own - a new career perhaps? Or maybe she goes back to uni? And with that comes a new group of friends and a new sense of independence. I can see Sam becoming really jealous of anyone around Lexy and generally being quite suffocating (because she’s so afraid of being cheated on again). And how about Lexy’s travelling younger brother who comes to stay and bonds with Tess and not Sam?"

I absolutely love this idea! Especially the part about Sam being suffocating after Cat’s infidelity — that makes perfect sense.

And haha, Lexy’s younger brother. I would give my first-born to see how all of this would pan out.

(Btw, anons, if you’d like your tumblr names attached to these posts, let me know!)

Thoughts, Texy shippers?

Thoughts about the season 2 finale, and why we should have hope (Tess/Lexy)

After mourning the season 2 finale with my fellow Texy shippers, I just had a few thoughts I wanted to share. While we’re certainly unhappy with how things turned out, especially considering we don’t know if season 3 will happen, we didn’t “lose”. I genuinely think that if season 3 happens, Tess/Lexy are the endgame. Let me share why:

1) Sam is exactly Lexy’s type. And as we’ve gleaned from Lexy and Declan’s conversations, Lexy’s “find someone broken, fix them, move on” cycle hasn’t been working.

Now, in television (and books, and movies) writers like to show characters embarking on new journeys, forming new relationships, discovering new parts of themselves. This is how characters grow. How would a Sam/Lexy relationship develop Lexy’s character, when their situation is identical to every other romantic situation Lexy has been in? Why would Sam/Lexy suddenly work, when it never has for Lexy before?

For the sake of character development, a Tess/Lexy relationship is the obvious choice. It’s simply more interesting to write.

2)  It’s kind of a rule in television that both sides of a love triangle must be fulfilled. Sam/Cat/Frankie, Lauren/Bo/Dyson, The L Word triangles, you name it. And more often than not, the side of the triangle that “loses” is the one that happens first. While we’ve had some cute Tess/Lexy scenes, it hasn’t actually happened.

Now, it is very possible that the writers gave us episodes like 2x05 just to get our hopes up, but I don’t really think that is the case.

Tess makes Lexy happy. Comparing the smiles Lexy has given Tess and the smiles Lexy has given Sam, the ones towardsTess have been… brighter, happier. New. (Okay, okay, I’m pretty damn biased :P) Lexy never really thought of Tess romantically because she isn’t the type Lexy normally goes for, but as I mentioned before, that never worked for her. As Anna Skellern herself said, Tess knows just what to do to cheer Lexy up, and Lexy doesn’t seem to have many people in her life like that. Lexy begins to realize that Tess would actually care for her and make her happy, and maybe it’s my fairytale heart speaking, but I think that’ll win out.

Think about Lauren/Bo/Dyson. Bo/Dyson happened first, and it happened “instantly”. And, it made the most sense. Bo/Lauren was the slower build and is the more unconventional build. But which pairing has a 350% bigger fanbase? Which pairing is probably going to win out?

People generally don’t like to watch or write relationships that just fall into place, or just make sense. Writers want to create a better story than that.

And finally:

3) While I was disappointed in the end of the season 2 finale, I didn’t hate Lexy for what she did, like many other people insisted. While opening night for Tess was a really big deal, it was just that: opening night. Plenty of other nights for Lexy to attend, and, I have to say, as a theater geek, closing night is the best anyway.

Meanwhile, Sam calls her and leaves her a very worrying message. Sam just lost the woman she loved. Sam has just learned that the aforementioned woman was cheating on her throughout their relationship. Sam is in a highly stressful work environment. Sam suffers from frequent panic attacks. And now, Sam is calling Lexy for help.

Honestly, if Lexy hadn’t skipped out at intermission and gone to Sam’s, that would have been seriously fucked up. She didn’t weigh having a serious relationship with Sam and having a serious relationship with Tess, and then choose Sam. She saw that Sam could be in a dangerous situation, and that’s more important than seeing Tess’s play, especially when there are other nights to see it. Had Tess been in a potentially life-threatening situation, and Lexy was watching Sam doing…something similar to a play… she would’ve gone to Tess.

She’s a doctor. She helps people.

Of course, we’re disappointed that Lexy slept with Sam, but Lexy just lost her fuck-buddy, and, as Anna Skellern said, “Lexy’s a horny, horny, horny person”. She thinks Sam is hot. Sam wants sex. How the hell is Lexy supposed to say no?

Additionally, Lexy had to hook up with Sam for Lexy/Tess to have any legitimacy. We don’t want Lexy to end up in a serious relationship with Tess because she had the hots for Sam, but that never panned out. We want Lexy to experience being with Sam, realize this is the same type of relationship she has always gotten into, and explore a new, better happier life with Tess. Even if it sucks for us short-term.

At the end of the day, Sam’s not ready for a relationship, a girlfriend like Tess is something Lexy has never experienced, Tess/Lexy makes for a more interesting storyline and writers like writing an opposites-attract story.

Anyway, sorry for the length of that, but this isn’t the end of Tess/Lexy. Don’t lose hope. :)


Anonymous said: Any Texy fanfiction is good - long, short - I'd read it all! :)

Wonderful! :) I’ll work on some Texy fan fic this summer.

Also, to anyone who is interested — I’m going to cut and compile Anna Skellern’s smaller roles (Camelot, Outnumbered, Asylum Blackout, etc) and put them on YouTube for her fans to enjoy. Stay tuned for those!

I’m thinking of working on some Texy fan fiction…

So a couple questions:

First, would anyone be interested in reading Texy fan fiction?

Second, would people prefer multiple one-shots or one ongoing story? More dramatic/serious, more fluffy, or a mix?

Any other thoughts?

[4] Potential plotline, submitted by SR

"first off, I just don’t see Sam and Lexy working out at all. Anyway, I love Roxanne McKee and would love if Lou returned in S3. She’s ready to make moves towards being out and open with Tess, and Tess is thrilled — but Lexy doesn’t trust her, and she’s realizing more and more how good she feels with Tess. Lou/Tess/Lexy triangle, anyone? ;)"

An interesting thought! I’d love to see someone fight for Tess for once. How do you think that would turn out?

[2] Entertaining situation

Lexy drags Tess into a strip club.

Potentially hilarious?

[3] A random post-finale idea

Seeing as she missed the second half of Tess’s play, Lexy goes to closing night. Tess nails the performance, and afterwards, Lexy finds her to congratulate her.

Lexy’s gift to Tess?

Flowers and a tube of chapstick. :)

[1] A post-finale half-formed drabble

Lexy snapped her phone shut and ambled back to the bedroom. She felt guilty about lying to Tess, but she pushed the thought out of her mind. Crawling into bed with Sam, she lay behind her protectively, stroking her shoulder with her thumb.

She had fantasized about shagging Sam since they had met — Lexy found her tough attitude and police swagger quite attractive — but they had only emotionally connected after Sam had been broken. Sam needed someone, both after Cat’s death and Cat’s betrayal, and Lexy had been there. But the thought itched in the back of her mind: would they have connected if Sam wasn’t broken?

Lexy liked playing the role of the doctor, both in the work place and in her personal life. She gravitated towards broken people. It sounds ridiculous, but it always felt safer to her. She could approach broken people and be their saviour — fix them — without ever having to worry about making it worse. Some people couldn’t shatter any further, and thus, Lexy could only have a positive impact.

But to involve herself with someone stable? Together? Sweet? Someone like Tess? 

Dating someone like her would be terrifying, because if something went wrong — if that person got hurt — it would be all Lexy’s fault. 

And so, again and again, Lexy moved toward the broken ones, the ones she could only help, never damage. She fixed them and they moved on, and Lexy was never the one responsible for a relationship’s failure.

But as Lexy wrapped herself around Sam’s body, once again taking the role of protector and saviour, she couldn’t help the heavy feeling in the base of her stomach.

Tess was funny, kind, selfless, good, adorable, but above all, whole. She was the kind of girl Lexy strove to avoid, because she couldn’t just fix Tess. No, she would be entering a real, equal, honest relationship, and if Tess got hurt, it would be her own fault.

It scared the shit out of her.

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To the Tess and Lexy fans…

There is a surprisingly low amount of Tess/Lexy fan fiction out there!

Do you ever find yourself pondering where the story could go during the third season, or envisioning a random moment between them, or thinking of a particular situation Lexy and Tess could get into? 

You consider turning it into a fan fiction or fan video, but that takes so much time and effort, so you don’t.

Well, other Tess/Lexy fans will still appreciate it! Whether a half-formed idea or a full plot, submit it to this blog for the enjoyment of other Tess/Lexy fans. Or perhaps you’d like to add onto another idea, or respond to one?

The season (and maybe the series) has ended, but it doesn’t mean we can’t carry on the Tess/Lexy storyline for our own amusement!

What do you think?